the permotion project

A Long Way To Learn

This is a true story about people, permaculture, and the conference
that connected us in ways we never imagined.

Starring Nicholas Wooten, Jessica Schilke, Jamie Cummins, Melissa Barker,
and Alan Savory at the Permaculture Voices Conference in Temecula, CA, in March.


organic jams – promoting our fine fruit spread

what a journey it has been, and an honor to work with all of the artists in our ever-growing fam-jamily. may the love only continue to grow, and our process continue to evolve.

an organic jam – strange bird

you know what we’re about.

filmed handheld on a canon t5i with 28mm lens,
at the february Jams in olympia, wa.

the music:
colton mackenzie – songwriting, guitar and vocals
nat lefkoff – songwriting and vocals
max cohen – rhythm

an organic jam – little engine

one of those Organic Jams sessions.

filmed handheld on a canon t5i with 28mm lens,
at the february Jams in olympia, wa.

the music:
nat lefkoff – songwriting, guitar and vocals
max cohen – shakers and drums
leighton olive – tambourine and washboard
greg dunbar – guitar

a lifumentary – part two

I gathered lots of moments last fall. Here are some of them.


Video / Editing : Souki Mehdaoui.
Music : “Dissolve Me” by Alt-J.

a jamwalk – dark night

one of the loveseeds that has sprouted from the Organic Jams project,
we present: a walk with young folk, their instruments, and a camera.

a Media Jam production

filmed handheld on a canon t5i with 28mm lens,
on the february Organic Jams session in olympia, wa.

the music :
nat lefkoff – songwriting, guitar, vocals
colton mackenzie – vocals


now… we (re)vision

The PERMotion Project : (noun)

(i) an independant learning contract through the Evergreen State College,
exploring promotional film production with a Permaculture framework

(ii) an exploration of promotion and (re)presentation,
informed by ecology, whole systems, and pattern language

(iii) a repository for ideas, resources, and design frameworks
for self-organized learning

(iv) a way of showing the world
that really cool people
are doing really cool things
that you can see and
then you can do it too.

this (here) is the blog.

the place – supposedly –
where you and i meet in cyberworld
somewhere deep in the realms of pixels
and mega-bites of in(form)ation
through this inter-net,
in some strange (and beautiful) belief
that this reality
is worth our energy.

this is the place where – supposedly –
i share what i’m learning
about media and its power to move us
through inspiration, reflection,
action and participation.

a place where i share
my story
and the stories
we tell together.

a place to explore :

– storytelling
– media ecology
– systems theory
– communication strategy
– intentional, ecological design
– alternative approaches to learning
– getting super psyched up
– resources for inspiration, education, collaboration
– the awesome that is evergreen state college
– the awesome that is it’s students

Evergreen // Souki Mehdaoui // 2013

a place where i share some thoughts
about (re)presenting the hopeful,
stumbling, grassroots, figure-as-i-go process
of ecological promotional media making.

an attempt to acknowledge the issues
that are setting our world afire
by learning how to (re)present
what people are doing right here,
right now,
to create positive change
(and inspire others to take part)

the hopeful ramblings of
a 21 year old college-educated inspiration-addict
who loves gathering life with her camera
and getting people really psyched
about getting more psyched
about the cool things we can do (and make)
when we ask ourselves :

what are we doing?
why is this important to us?
who is this influencing,
 how can this influence,
and why?

I’m not searching for the right answers,
more for… the useful questions.

Maybe in sharing what I ask myself,
you’ll hear questions that stir and move you.
Maybe they’ll take you through the deepest journeys
if you’re willing to take them for yourself.
Maybe this is just a pretty little page
to procrastinate with.

here’s to the journey.

From failure to feedback,
from perfectionism to wiser practice.

A wise filmmaker once wrote me :
“I am where I am… because of
active curiosity and action.
There is no substitute for Doing.”

here’s to Doing.

I’m looking forward to the ride.

{photographs gathered and edited
by Souki Mehdaoui}